We act as an informational and educational source for citizens to monitor current issues and policy's that affect the good people of Florida. Below you will find a listing of current issues that are on our radar.

ISSUES / Floridians for Government Accountability

Fighting taxation without representation

We are a country who was founded upon the statement "Taxation without Representation" and yet to often we find that taxes increase without our prior knowledge as though slid under the door. FGA fights to make sure that taxable dollars represent programs that best improve the quality of life for Florida Constituents. 

Too often we see taxes increase while the quality of life decreases and politicians grow from simple public servants to multi-millionaires. Large corporations enjoy tax breaks and the burden falls upon the working class, this should not be!

ISSUES / Floridians for Government Accountability

Promoting fiscal accountability and efficiency

Effective fiscal management depends on the availability of good information about the objectives, design, and impact of fiscal policy and requires appropriate oversight to ensure that the funds are spent accordingly and represent the best interest of the area's citizens.

Floridians for Government Accountability seeks to make sure budgets are spent appropriately and in the right places. Funds approved for specific programs and projects must not find their way into the pockets of public servants or those who serve their best interests.

ISSUES / Floridians for Government Accountability

Senior Fraud

The State of Florida has seen a spike in Senior Fraud cases and victims over the past several years. As technology increases at a rate one cannot keep up with, so do scams that rob our senior citizens of their income, money, safety and security.

ISSUES / Floridians for Government Accountability

Monitoring construction and tolls for Florida’s consumers

Road Construction and improvements to our infrastructure are derived from taxes and tolls. Part of fiscal responsibility is making sure these funds find their way to their designated purpose and not be filtered out to side programs. The highway system of Florida is vital to our economy as millions of tourists come to enjoy our state each year.

It is also a matter of public safety when funds for highways and roads are not spent or misused as roads deteriorate and hurricanes evacuation routes suffer the consequence.

ISSUES / Floridians for Government Accountability

Working for ethics and transparency

Government transparency should be the way of doing business. But in many cases cloak and dagger tactics are used to pass bills, promote special interest groups and fulfill lobbyist dreams. The government should be held to the highest level of scrutiny when it comes to ethics and transparency. 

During a time such as ours, a global pandemic, social tensions, and hidden agendas we as a people must closely monitor each elected representative motives and actions.

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