We are a independent watchdog organization that monitors legislation to ensure that our Government is accountable to us, the Taxpayers!

Floridians for Government Accountability

What We Do...

Floridians for Government Accountability, Inc. is a corporation that educates the public and provides information on issues related to fiscal responsibility and accountability in all levels and branches of government.

The group organizes volunteer policy committees, performs issue surveys and hosts forums to discuss issues that are important to Florida's future. The organization also produces educational material for lawmakers, public policy experts, and the general public on topics pertaining to fiscal policy.

Participants and volunteers are also encouraged to participate in on-line forums and to contribute to cutting-edge ideas via the website and other community-oriented events.


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The Mission of Floridians for Government Accountability is to ensure that our Government...
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Their are many issues we face as a state and a nation. It is our focus to ensure that these...
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ISSUES / Floridians for Government Accountability

Taxation without representation still exists?

It is unfathomable to believe that our founding Fathers fought the British over this very thing. They fought and died so that we would be a self governing people. A people who would not bear the burden of taxation without representation. But it it is still happening today!

Within the State of Florida there are several boards that are made up of non-elected officials who have the power and authority to levy taxes against Floridians. 

ISSUES / Floridians for Government Accountability

Senior Fraud

The State of Florida has seen a spike in Senior Fraud cases and victims over the past several years. As technology increases at a rate one cannot keep up with, so do scams that rob our senior citizens of their income, money, safety and security.

ISSUES / Floridians for Government Accountability

Promoting fiscal accountability and efficiency

Effective fiscal management depends on the availability of good information about the objectives, design, and impact of fiscal policy and requires appropriate oversight to ensure that the funds are spent accordingly and represent the best interest of the area's citizens.

Floridians for Government Accountability seeks to make sure budgets are spent appropriately and in the right places. Funds approved for specific programs and projects must not find their way into the pockets of public servants or those who serve their best interests.

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